Custom Food Kiosks

Custom food carts & kiosks in NZ

A new generation of street food lovers is increasing every day in NZ. If you're looking for an endeavour that's both different and exciting, seize the business opportunity of setting up your own food kiosk, cart or truck.

Lower overhead costs

Owning a restaurant requires you to hire a wide range of staff, invest in expensive utilities and pay property tax or monthly rental. With our food carts and food kiosks for sale in NZ, operational costs are much lower as they are only limited to food supplies and equipment. You don’t need a full staff as a small team will do.

Restaurants also require repairs and fixes that can break the bank. Maintaining electrical appliances, restaurant decor, leaking pipes and ceilings all require effort and money. Custom food kiosks, on the other hand, can do well with just minimal maintenance and repairs.

Brand expansion

For first-time entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, custom food carts and kiosks provide a relatively inexpensive way to build on your brand. This is because kiosks and food carts are generally located in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Due to their high level of visibility and repetitive exposure, they can be an effective marketing tool for your products.

Multiple locations

Restaurants often rise and fall in their location; they often live out their lifespan without ever changing address. In order to relocate a brick-and-mortar store, you must build a new store or find new space to lease and move all the equipment over. With our food kiosks and food carts, you can set up anywhere in NZ without the hassle of starting over. If you’re not keen on your original location, you can simply wait out your lease and relocate. As your business grows, you can also place your food carts and kiosks in other locations.

At Campro, we can build and design hot dog carts/kiosks that will fit seamlessly in shopping malls, business centres, airports and more. All our custom food carts feature high-quality finishes, sturdy stainless steel tables and storage areas for perishables and dry goods.

Campro is your reliable partner in delivering mobile food solutions customised for your menu, your operation and ultimately, your business. All of our food carts and food kiosks for sale are adaptable and fully customisable to different menus and concession types. Our process ensures that your final design is not only tailored to your needs and budget but also compliant with local requirements and safety regulations.