Custom Food Trailers

Custom mobile food trucks in NZ

Many people long for a career that gives them enjoyment and independence. A mobile food truck business can offer just that!

At Campro, we have mobile food trucks for sale designed for NZ conditions that feature a wide range of customisable options to cater to individual needs. They can manoeuvre comfortably in narrow streets of big cities while squeezing in a full kitchen with all the necessary equipment. Whether you plan on operating your food truck in central business districts, on the beach or during big festivals, our trucks will allow you to easily find the ideal spot to serve your hungry customers.

Your Business in a Fully Customisable Truck

Available in an extensive range of styles, colours and sizes, our food trucks for sale are extremely versatile to suit the nature of your business. If you want to sell hot and cold beverages, we will tailor your truck with equipment and solutions to your needs.

Every food truck that we design and build begins with a thorough understanding of your menu. This is for us to be able to identify the kitchen equipment that you will need for your business. We also take into consideration the space inside your truck. When designing the layout of your truck, we want to utilise every inch of space possible, focusing on the preparation and cooking lines. Our team of experts will also ensure that all appliances will work faultlessly in the areas in which they will be placed.

In addition, all of Campro’s food trucks for sale live up to NZ health standards and safety regulation. Our systems are tested and installed by professionals to guarantee that your food truck will pass all necessary inspections for your local area.

Turn Your Vision into Reality Today

Take your business across the country today with Campro’s fully customisable food trucks. Made with state-of-the-art functionality and durable materials, our food trucks will allow you to sell your culinary creations without being bound to one location. Whether you want a BBQ, pizza, taco, burger or dessert food truck, we have the experience and the expertise to create custom solutions that are innovative and attractive.

To order your fully customised food truck, contact our friendly sales team today. Call us on 0800 444 250 or send an email to